What's A Dental Cavity Liner, And Why May Your Tooth Need One?

If a dental cavity is deep enough, it stretches through the tooth's outer enamel and inner dentin to the tooth's nerve (also called the pulp). This sharply increases the tooth's risk of experiencing an infection of the pulp. If the pulp is unable to recover from this infection, it's likely you'll need a root canal (involving the removal of your inflamed pulp). But what about when the cavity is deepening, but hasn't quite reached the pulp?

2 Questions You May Have About Using An Oral Appliance For Your Sleep Apnea

After finding out that you have sleep apnea, you may have been looking into various treatment options that may be available to you. Along with breathing machines that you use at night that work with pressure to force air into your lungs to stop the pauses in your breathing, you may have also heard about oral appliances. Oral sleep appliances fit into your mouth much like a retainer, and it helps to keep the passageway open.

4 Reasons Investing In Cosmetic Dentistry Is A Good Choice

If you're not happy with the appearance of your teeth because they are stained, chipped, or you think they are unattractive, talk to a cosmetic dentist. Many cosmetic dentistry options can give you a more beautiful smile. You might have a hard time deciding if you should invest in cosmetic dentistry just for prettier teeth when your teeth have no other problems. Here are four reasons why cosmetic dentistry is a good investment.