Stop Making Excuses About Routine Teeth Cleaning — It Could Save Your Reputation, Teeth, And Life

Routine teeth cleaning and oral exams are essential for overall health. Many individuals underestimate or are unaware of how their oral health may affect their well-being. They may assume that brushing and flossing are enough. These two self-care oral care objectives are necessary, but they do not remove tartar. They also are not effective ways to determine if tooth decay, oral cancer, or gum disease is present. These are things that can be detected during teeth cleaning appointments, and keep in mind that not all cavities are discolored. The following points identify a few of the benefits of getting routine cleanings.

Prevent Bad Breath

There are several things that can contribute to bad breath. However, bad breath that lingers or returns shortly after brushing teeth is indicative of a condition referred to as halitosis. It is often caused by plaque build-up on teeth. Plaque is sticky and it traps odor-causing bacteria. Teeth cleanings remove plaque and tartar, which is hardened plaque.

Remove Stains

Individuals will likely notice that their teeth appear whiter after their cleanings. If they want them whiter than the results of the cleaning, they can inquire with the dentist or dental hygienist about getting teeth whitening services.

Prevent Gum Disease

This condition starts out with gum inflammation and bleeding, which is referred to as gingivitis. Dentists can detect and treat gingivitis and the early stages of gum disease. Both are reversible. However, if left untreated, there is a significant chance of advanced gum disease referred to as periodontal disease. It requires more aggressive treatment and is usually irreversible but treatable.

Early Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is curable in the early stages. Individuals may have this type of cancer and not know it. Sometimes there are cysts or sores that may prompt a dentist or doctor visit. However, it is possible for cancer to be present without pain or signs. Dentists know the signs of cancer and precancerous cells, which may present themselves as white patches in the mouth. The location may be on the roof of the mouth or cheeks, which are areas individuals might not notice them. 

A dentist is a good resource to use to learn more benefits that routine teeth cleaning offers. They can determine if a standard teeth cleaning or deep teeth cleaning is needed. Standard teeth cleaning focuses on removing plaque and tartar on teeth surfaces above the gum line, a deep teeth cleaning is done if tartar has spread below the gum line. The substance has to be cleaned to prevent inflammation and tooth loss. Individuals who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease must also have deep cleanings at their routine dental appointments.

For more information on teeth cleaning, contact a professional near you.