A Brown Patch Around A Dental Crown: What's Causing It?

It's stating the obvious to say that spotting a brown patch on a tooth is concerning. Teeth should be white, or off-white, although some teeth may be more yellow than they should. Brown discoloration suggests advanced decay, as though the tooth's deterioration is so severe that you're in danger of losing the tooth. What can be especially puzzling is when you know that the tooth needed some attention in the past, but as far as you're concerned, those problems were solved when a dental crown was fitted to the tooth.

What To Know Before You Get Braces

Getting braces can be both an exciting and stressful time. Knowing what to expect before you get your braces put on can take some of the mystery out of the process and help you relax so you can get through your orthodontic treatment with a new and improved smile. Free Consultations Most orthodontists offer free consultations for patients who are interested in exploring their options. Your orthodontist will do a thorough examination and take X-rays during your consultation appointment to determine what orthodontic treatment you need.

A Fast but Affordable Way to Fill In a Missing Tooth

Those needing to fill in a gap in their teeth will find more options to do that than ever before. Options include implants, bridges, and dentures. Dentures remain the most convenient and least expensive way to replace a tooth but they have a reputation for taking time to complete. That may not be the case anymore, though. Read to find out more about immediate dentures. What Are Immediate Dentures? This type of denture can be complete in only one day.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

Most people opt for teeth extraction when a tooth hurts due to infection. However, tooth extractions compromise the strength of surrounding teeth. The best treatment for a decaying tooth is a root canal treatment to save the tooth and eliminate the pain. This post provides more insights into root canal procedures.  What Is Root Canal Treatment?  Root canal treatment is a dental procedure known as endodontic therapy that removes the infection from inside the teeth.

How Dental Crowns Can Affect An MRI Scan

For most patients who require magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the experience will be an isolated one. That being said, there are a range of conditions that require patients to receive occasional MRI scans on an ongoing basis. This is typically reserved for certain chronic physical and neurological disorders. If your physician is recommending that you receive an MRI, you will be informed about the device's various restrictions. One of the most relevant restrictions is the strong magnetic fields that the device must generate.