A Fast but Affordable Way to Fill In a Missing Tooth

Those needing to fill in a gap in their teeth will find more options to do that than ever before. Options include implants, bridges, and dentures. Dentures remain the most convenient and least expensive way to replace a tooth but they have a reputation for taking time to complete. That may not be the case anymore, though. Read to find out more about immediate dentures.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

This type of denture can be complete in only one day. Also known as dentures in a day or one-day dentures. Immediate dentures do involve some prep work ahead of the day you get the dentures. It takes far less time than traditional dentures. Traditional dentures mean several visits to have teeth removed so that the denture can be fitted. Then, the gums must heal after the extractions. That is because the gums may swell and remain irritated for some time afterward. For wearers of traditional dentures, it's not uncommon for patients to wait several weeks before they can come back and be fitted for the denture.

Immediate dentures don't involve all that waiting. Instead, the teeth are removed and the new denture is immediately placed. There is, of course, swelling and irritation that will naturally occur. However, this type of denture is meant to be adjusted during the first few weeks – eventually resulting in a perfect fit.

What Else to Know

Take a look at a few final considerations if you are interested in immediate dentures:

  1. Before anything else can happen, your mouth is imaged and mapped. New devices like dental cameras can take extremely precise measurements of your gums and teeth. This way of doing things assures that your new teeth will fit perfectly in your mouth, feel natural, and look just like your natural teeth. It also means you don't have to cope with messy (and gag-worthy) impression trays.
  2. Both types of dentures require return trips for adjustments over the months and that is normal. The difference with an immediate denture is that you will have nice teeth right away rather than having to wait for a time after your teeth are extracted. That also means no ill-fitting and embarrassing temporary dentures to wear.

While immediate dentures may not be perfect for everyone, they might just work for you. Dentures can be an affordable way to make your smile complete again. Speak to your dentist to find out more.