Considering Implants? Here's 4 Reasons Why You Should Get Them

Missing even one tooth can be disheartening. It can cause you to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Instead of laughing and enjoying spending time with friends and family, you fight to keep your mouth closed out of fear that someone will see your distorted smile. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about dealing with missing teeth forever. Dental implants can help restore your smile and provide a whole host of other benefits.

4 Ways To Discourage The Growth Of Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria are often the main culprits of dental health problems. The bacteria expel acid as a byproduct of their digestion. This acid causes gum inflammation and dissolves the minerals in tooth enamel. Once tooth enamel is demineralized, decay results.   Brushing and flossing help remove some of the bacteria from your mouth. However, there are other anti-microbial measures you can take. Here are a few ways to discourage the growth of oral bacteria:

3 Orthodontic Options For Adults

Even if you start out with straight teeth, you could eventually require orthodontic treatment. The alignment of your teeth can be crooked due to a genetic predisposition. However, your teeth can also become misaligned due to shifting from trauma, age or a missing tooth. A blow to your mouth that occurs from sports or an automotive accident can force your teeth into improper alignment. In addition, loss of bone mass that occurs with age can cause your teeth to shift over time.

Oral Cancer: First Signs And How Your Dentist Can Help

The thought of having cancer can be a terrifying thought, but one that should not be put off. If you suspect oral cancer, or are dealing with otherwise suspicious symptoms, it's important you get examined immediately. While not all suspicious lesions and symptoms are cancerous, knowing the first signs of cancer can help to ease your fears and get you seen by the right professionals sooner. First Signs of Oral Cancer

5 Mistakes To Avoid After Receiving Dentures

If you need dentures, then you will want to take care of them just like you would your normal teeth. Many people make the mistake of thinking that now that they have dentures, they don't need to take care of their teeth anymore since they are fake. However, this is not the case. After receiving dentures, you will want to avoid these five common mistakes: Not Brushing: Since people believe that their fake teeth are indestructible, they will no longer need to brush their teeth.