What Is Accelerated Orthodontics?

One of the most common concerns people have with orthodontics is the treatment duration. Orthodontic treatment usually takes about two years or longer depending on the extent of the malocclusion, but some people consider this too long. If treatment duration is one of your orthodontic concerns, talk to your dentist about the use of accelerated orthodontics to shorten the duration. How It Is Done For accelerated orthodontics, the orthodontist first performs a minor dental surgery to hasten the treatment time.

Implants: Your New "Teeth"

Looking at pictures of the new smile offered by implants can make you excited. Your missing teeth no longer have to make you feel awkward in public, and the implantation procedure is done in a single day. Just give yourself a deeper implant understanding with these details. Waiting is Possibly Vital Eagerness for white, pretty teeth may lead to impatience, especially when you discover no dentist or surgeon will do an implantation for you.

Understanding Why You Can Apply Pressure To Your Dental Implants, But Not To Your Veneers

Various dental cosmetic procedures come with their own set of rules. For example, you cannot use your teeth to tear open a bag of chips when you have veneers, but your dental implants are not affected or ruled by the same rule. To understand why that is, you would need to know and understand more about why these two cosmetic procedures are so different. Paper-Thin Application vs. Solid Fake Tooth

3 Ways Your Anxiety Medications Can Affect Your Mouth

If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, your doctor may have recommended that you take an anti-anxiety or another type of medication to control your symptoms. Though these medications are effective in controlling symptoms such as shaking, sweating, a racing heart, and negative thoughts, they can lead to significant side effects. Side effects include sleepiness, dizziness, dry skin, urinary retention, blurred vision, and constipation. Other symptoms include those that affect your mouth.

Should You Allow Your Young Child's Dentist To Take X-Rays?

When you take your young child to the dentist for their first evaluation and cleaning, the dentist may suggest that you have a set of x-rays done of your child's mouth. As a parent, the idea of doing x-rays this early in your child's life may concern you. It's in your best interest to understand why the dentist may want this so that you know why it's so important. X-Rays Identify Things That Can't Be Seen Through Standard Evaluation