3 Common Myths About Root Canal You Should Not Believe

Most people rely on the Internet for information even before they seek medical or dental services. Unfortunately, the Internet may provide reliable, unreliable information, outdated data, and theories. So, before you dismiss your root canal appointment, read about the common misconceptions about this procedure and the truth about it.

1. Teeth Extraction Is Better

One misconception is that even if the process is successful, the result will be temporary, and you will have to extract your tooth eventually. So, removing your teeth from the word go is better than spending money on an ineffective procedure. However, tooth extraction without a replacement will leave your jaw bone and nerve element exposed, which increases the risk of oral disease. The treatment will aid in preserving your teeth. Root canals are usually very successful, especially if you follow the dentist's guidelines and your teeth can serve you a lifetime. But you should note that postponing the treatment for long increases the risk of losing your tooth.

2. You Will Experience Lots of Pain

No one likes going through a procedure that will cause pain or discomfort, which explains why most people dismiss root canals. However, before you consider other options, remember that the treatment is generally painless, thanks to advanced dental treatment technologies. This treatment helps treat infected teeth to eliminate the pain or discomfort they might be causing you. Therefore, work with a general dentist to ensure the procedure is quick and painless. 

3. It Is a Lengthy Procedure

Another myth people have about this root canal is that it requires numerous appointments and it takes time to achieve the desired results. But the reality is that it can be performed in one or two visits depending on the extent of the infection, the inflammation, and the difficulty of the root canal procedure. So, if your concern is the amount of time it will take, then you should worry no more. After examining your condition, your dentist will give you more details about the procedure and the treatment duration.

A root canal treatment is better than removing your teeth since you will not experience discomfort or pain, and the treatment does not take a long time. Moreover, a competent general dentist will examine your teeth, address your concerns, and answer any questions you may have. Therefore, you have no reason not to consider this procedure if you have chipped or decayed teeth. The dentist will restore your teeth and enhance your smile quickly and effectively.

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