4 Signs You Might Need A Root Canal Treatment

If you have an infected tooth, then you might need a root canal treatment to clean out the infection and the tooth's nerve. While the signs of infection are obvious if you've had this problem before, you might not recognize them if this is the first time you've had an infected tooth or abscess. What are the signs that you might need root canal work?

1. Severe Toothache

If you have an abscess or infection, then your tooth will hurt. You won't just have a slight twinge or minor pain, you'll be in a lot of pain. Your tooth will throb and hurt all the time even when you aren't using it to eat or drink. This pain tends to be constant. Pain medications might take the edge off it, but it won't go away completely. It will also get worse with time.

2. Sensitivity to Different Temperatures

If you have an infection in a tooth, then you'll usually notice that the pain gets worse when you expose the tooth to different temperatures. So, for example, the throbbing might get much worse if you drink something hot or cold. It might stay at this higher level for a while.

Some people have this problem with hot drinks, but they find that cold drinks can give them some relief. Sipping cold water and letting it wash over the tooth can temporarily reduce inflammation and relieve your pain. However, this only works for a while.

3. Gum Changes

An infected tooth that needs root canal treatment can sometimes affect your gums. You might notice that the gum around the tooth is redder than usual, It might also feel swollen and sore when you touch it.

Sometimes, internal tooth infections will show on your gum line. You might see a white or yellow spot on the gum above or below the tooth. This is a sign that you have an infection.

4. Facial Swelling

If an infection in a tooth isn't treated, then it can spread. As well as affecting your gums, the infection might also affect your cheeks. For example, the cheek on the side of the problem tooth might start to swell. It might feel sore to the touch.

If you think you need a root canal, then call your dentist immediately. If you do have an infection, then you might need to take antibiotics before your dentist can work on the tooth.