Why Invisible Braces Are A Great Idea For Teens

If your family dentist has recently told your teen that they need braces, they might have noted that invisible braces — which are actually just clear aligners — are an option. If so, then this might be an option that your family will want to think about instead of traditional braces. Although traditional braces do have their benefits, invisible braces are often a great option for teenagers for these reasons and more.

Your Teen Probably Won't Feel as Self-Conscious

It's no secret that many teens feel self-conscious and struggle with self-esteem issues during their middle school and high school years. You probably want to do everything that you can to encourage your teen to feel good about themselves and how they look. Allowing them to choose invisible braces instead of traditional braces can go a long way toward helping them feel good about themselves while having their dental alignment issues corrected.

They Can Be Removed for Sports

If your teen plays football or another contact sport, you should know that the invisible braces can be removed temporarily so that your teen can put in their mouthguard. They may enjoy a more comfortable and secure fit than if they were to wear their mouthguard along with traditional braces.

Your Teen Can Take Better Care of Their Teeth

Dental alignment is important, but overall dental hygiene and health are important, too. You probably want to encourage your teen to take good care of their teeth to prevent cavities, gum disease, and more. Since your teen can remove their invisible braces, it will be easier for them to brush and care for their teeth. Also, unlike with traditional braces, your teen will be more better able to floss, which helps them build good habits and helps them prevent a host of dental issues.

Your Teen Might Be More Comfortable

Traditional braces can be uncomfortable at times, especially when they need to be tightened. Teens who have traditional braces also have to worry about cuts and sores in their mouths due to the wires that make up the braces. You will probably find that your teen will be a lot more comfortable if they have invisible braces instead.

Your Teen Can Continue Eating Their Favorite Foods

As you might be aware, people who wear traditional braces often have to make changes to their diet since they can't eat hard or sticky foods. Although you should still encourage your teen to eat healthy foods, your teen will probably be happy that they won't have to make changes to their diet in order to accommodate their invisible braces.

Reach out to a dental professional for more information about invisible braces