Are Electric Toothbrushes Better For Your Teeth?

Electric toothbrushes are devices operated with batteries and are designed for cleaning teeth, and many people are now using these devices daily as an alternative to manual toothbrushes. If you are wondering if using an electric toothbrush is better than a manual one, you should realize that both options are good for your teeth; however, electric toothbrushes definitely have some key advantages over manual ones.

Electric brushes do the work for you

One advantage of an electric toothbrush is that it does the work for you. While you will still have to hold the device in order to brush your teeth, you will not have to use any energy to move the brush on your teeth. The brush you have will spin and vibrate as a way of cleaning your teeth. This makes cleaning your teeth easier to do.

Electric brushes often have built-in timers

Another key advantage is that your electric toothbrush might include a built-in timer on it. With a timer on your toothbrush, it will eliminate the guesswork of knowing if you brushed your teeth long enough. It will also encourage you to brush long enough. Dentists recommend brushing two minutes at a time, but you might not be doing this with a manual toothbrush, simply because most people do not set timers for this purpose.

Electric brushes may clean your teeth better

There is also research that shows that electric toothbrushes tend to offer a more in-depth cleaning of the teeth. This may be due to the way they spin or because they cause people to brush longer, but in any case, this could be a good way for you to get a better cleaning of your teeth each day. If you consistently use an electric toothbrush, you may experience fewer cavities.

Electric brushes are ideal for people with dexterity issues

The other huge advantage of using an electric toothbrush is for people who suffer from dexterity issues. A person with arthritis in his or her hands, for example, may have a lot of difficulties moving a manual toothbrush around to clean the teeth sufficiently. With an electric brush, the person may find that it is easier to accomplish brushing his or her teeth, and this could offer many benefits for this person.

Electric toothbrushes have benefits compared to manual toothbrushes, but both options are still good. If you have questions about the type of toothbrush you should use, ask a family dentist.