Services That May Be A Part Of Your Dental Maintenance Plan

When it comes to maintaining the health of your teeth, preventive dental care plays an important role. Preventive care does not treat already damaged tooth material. However, it does help prevent dental issues from developing. 

Here are a few services that your dentist may include in your dental maintenance care plan.

Fluoride Treatments for Stronger Teeth and Fewer Cavities

Your dentist can apply professional fluoride products to your teeth to strengthen your tooth enamel and help you avoid cavities. Fluoride can help remineralize weakened areas of a tooth before significant decay occurs. 

When a tooth is exposed to acids in the mouth, the acids dissolve the tooth material, weakening it and initiating the development of holes that become cavities. Fluoride attracts dissolved minerals back to the tooth and connects with them to create new tooth material. The new material not only replaces the dissolved areas of enamel, but it also helps the tooth better resist acid-based damage.

The application of a fluoride treatment is quick and painless. The dentist simply applies the product to the teeth, allows it to rest in place for a few minutes, and rinses it away. To maximize the penetration of the fluoride, the dentist may advise you to avoid eating or drinking for a brief period immediately following your treatment.

Plastic Sealants To Fill the Crevices of the Back Teeth and Protect the Teeth From Decay

Dental sealants are made of resin, which is a type of plastic that is frequently used in dentistry. The dentist applies the sealants to the grooved portions of the molars that are used to chew or grind food. These grooves in the chewing surfaces encourage plaque and bits of food to settle on the teeth and incite decay. Once the dentist places the sealants to coat the teeth and fill the grooved, cavities are less likely to develop.

The dentist applies the sealants in a liquid state, but the plastic quickly hardens into place when exposed to bright light. The sealants generally last for years before requiring replacement. However, your dentist can easily restore any damaged areas of previously placed sealants with a quick reapplication.

Scalings to Remove Tartar that Can Encourage Decay and Incite Gum Disease

Your dentist periodically scales, or cleans, your teeth to remove tartar accumulations. The tartar, which is plaque that has calcified, can harbor oral bacteria and additional plaque. The acids released by the microbes in the tartar may demineralize the teeth and inflame the gums. During the scaling process, a small tool is used to scrape the tartar from the dental surfaces.

For more information about dental maintenance care, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your local area.