Understanding Why You Can Apply Pressure To Your Dental Implants, But Not To Your Veneers

Various dental cosmetic procedures come with their own set of rules. For example, you cannot use your teeth to tear open a bag of chips when you have veneers, but your dental implants are not affected or ruled by the same rule. To understand why that is, you would need to know and understand more about why these two cosmetic procedures are so different.

Paper-Thin Application vs. Solid Fake Tooth

A veneer is paper-thin. It matters little whether you choose the resin version or the porcelain version since both are very thin. In fact, if you were to look at the veneers your dentist creates for you, you might think that they look a lot like fake press-on nails. The veneers are a little tougher and sturdier than press-on nails, but not by much. Most people who opt for veneers want their natural teeth to look whiter and more symmetrical than their teeth are, plus you have to have teeth to apply the veneers. 

The dental implant is a full-on, fully-formed fake tooth. It is solid and very hard. When the crown is screwed onto the abutment in the gum tissue, there is next to nothing that can remove it or damage it. You would have to be hit in the mouth repeatedly or suffer intense blunt force trauma before you could even begin to damage a dental implant.

The "No Using Your Teeth to Open Stuff" Rule

Veneers are not tough enough to tear open bag after bag of chips, frozen veggies, etc. At some point, the pulling pressure of trying to pull open a bag with your teeth will result in the veneer(s) popping off. If you are in the habit of using your teeth to open pop cans, pop bottles, etc., then you will find that you have to replace your veneers much more often. This is why your dentist tells you that you should only smile, bite food, and chew food with your veneers.

On the other hand, if you have super-tough porcelain dental implants, you can grind your teeth every night in your sleep and not damage a single fake tooth. All of the surgical steel involved in dental implants makes it nearly impossible to break the implants. While that means that opening the occasional bag of chips or popping the pull tab on a soda will not affect your implants, you probably should not go around acting like a human bottle opener! You should still protect your cosmetic dental investment.

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