Bride To Be: Walk Down the Aisle With a Stunning Smile

If your big day is quickly approaching, you have more than likely put a lot of thought into picking that perfect wedding dress, choosing the right hair stylist and hairdo, decided who will be doing your makeup, and chosen the perfect shoes. Now there is only one thing left, your smile. You want to make sure you feel comfortable smiling as wide as you feel like smiling without feeling self-conscious about the condition of your teeth. You also want to know that your wedding pictures are going to look fabulous and your smile will match all the rest of the beauty in them. Here are some of the things you want to do to prepare your smile for your special day.

Schedule a full checkup well in advance

It's best if you free up enough time in your busy schedule to have a full checkup done at least a couple of months before your wedding day. This way, if the dentist happens to find any cosmetic dentistry surprises that will need some work, you have plenty of time to have those things taken care of before the wedding day. Get a professional cleaning while you are there as well. Regular professional cleanings help to remove plaque that is left behind even after your best efforts at brushing and flossing. Talk to the dentist about teeth whitening and how many sessions they would suggest in order to get the results you want by the wedding day.

Make sure you go through the whole teeth whitening process in time

Your dentist will let you know which teeth whitening method will prove to be the best for your situation and which one will give you the white teeth you want before the day of the wedding. Set up all the appointments they recommend while you are checking out and space them out according to the dentist's recommendations. For example, the dentist may want to see you a total of three times, two weeks apart. This is why it is so important to go in for that initial checkup well ahead of time. Never miss one of these appointments, or your teeth may not be as white as you wanted come that big day.

Don't do anything to ruin the looks of your teeth before the wedding day

You will be having your teeth whitened so they look great for your wedding. The last thing you want to do is do something to go against all your efforts. Make sure you don't eat or drink things that can stain them. Colored cake frosting can really stain teeth, so make sure all the cake you taste has been done with a white frosting. Also, you may want to forego those pre-wedding toasts with red wine along the way.