Do Dental Implants Offer Benefits Over Other Restoration Methods?

There are many restorative dentistry techniques and procedures out there. Which one will work best for any particular person will depend on a number of considerations. However, as a solution for missing teeth, dental implants are certainly one of the best methods for many people. Here's why.

Dental Implants are the Closest Thing to Natural Teeth

Dental implants behave like natural teeth more than any other restoration method. Many restoration methods can fill in gaps or stand in for missing teeth. By contrast, dental implants act as anchors. You can think of them as replacements for your tooth's root, more than a replacement for the tooth itself.

Implants are the only option for filling in that underlying structural void left when a tooth goes missing. This represents one of the most important aspects of dental implants, and gives further benefits.

Dental Implants Protect the Overall Health of Your Mouth and Jaw

There's a lot of things occurring when you lose one or more of your teeth. When there's a tooth, there's stimulation to your jaw. You stimulate it by chewing and talking.

When there's nothing there, the socket will shrink through a process called tooth resorption. This can lead to serious dental complications over time. It can also literally change the shape of your face.

As the process goes on, it's possible for your jaw to change shape and your remaining teeth to go out of alignment. Because dental implants go into the socket of the jaw, they function like regular teeth and apply needed pressure and stimulation to the jaw.

Dental Implant Are a Permanent Solution and Can Help Other Restoration Methods

Another advantage dental implants have is their permanency. Once they're there, they're not going anywhere. You don't need to have them removed or replaced. That permanency can also help other restoration methods work even better. For example, dental implants can anchor a new tooth, but they can also anchor dental bridges.

For people with several missing teeth, this can help a great deal. Instead of paying for many implants, they can use two to serve as anchors for dentures, bridges, and any other dental appliance. This will allow them some of the benefits of the implants, and help their other restoration method to work far better for them.

Dental Implants Aren't For Every Situation

It's easy to speak on all the benefits of dental implants, but they're not for everybody. It's important to speak to a dental professional about your candidacy for implants.

You may have to deal with other dental issues before you can make use of dental implants. If you want to know more, contact a professional dentist or dental implant service close to you for more details.