2 Health Benefits Provided By Dental Implants

Dental implants are a very useful resource to utilize when it comes to resolving a number of different dental issues, mostly due to the fact that they can be used to do everything from securing dentures to replacing missing teeth. Listed below are two health benefits provided by dental implants.

Reduces The Wear On Your Teeth

One of the biggest health benefits provided by dental implants is the fact that they can help reduce the wear on your teeth. The reason for this is that when you do lose some of your teeth, the remaining teeth in your mouth will have to pick up the slack and work that much harder. For example, when some of your teeth are missing, the remaining teeth will be experiencing a lot of wear because they will be chewing your food at a much higher rate than they would have if you had all of your teeth, which means that those remaining teeth are going to start degrading at a very rapid pace.

In addition, when you have missing teeth, your neighboring teeth will be much less secure and can end up shifting into the empty spaces that your missing teeth used to occupy, which can leave you with very crooked and weak teeth. However, when a dental implant is used to replace your missing teeth, it will not only be able to pick up the slack and help reduce the wear on the rest of your teeth but it will also fill those empty spaces and prevent your teeth from shifting into them.

Prevents Your Bones From Deteriorating

Another important health benefit provided by dental implants is the fact that they can help prevent your bones from deteriorating, particularly your jawbone. Your jawbone is only able to retain its shape and repair itself due to the stimulation provided by your teeth whenever you chew.

Without that stimulation, the jawbone starts to disintegrate and deteriorate, which can lead to issues such as a drastically altered appearance over time and the loss of more teeth. However, since a dental implant will be installed in such a way as to have the anchor of the implant reaching to your jawbone, the dental implant will be able to provide the stimulation that your jawbone needs just as well as your natural teeth do.

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