4 Reasons To Go With White Fillings

Hearing that you or your child need to get a filling generally isn't good news. However, knowing that you can choose to get a white filling is great news. A white filling is beneficial for so many reasons, and most people who have the option generally choose this kind of filling. This article will discuss 4 reasons in particular why you should go with a white filling. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

One of the main reasons why people choose to go with a white filling is because it is aesthetically pleasing. The white color of the filling blends in perfectly with the rest of the teeth in a person's mouth, making it basically invisible to anyone who is looking at your teeth. This can give you a great deal of confidence when you are smiling and/or speaking to someone because you know that they are not going to be looking at a mouth full of metal, but rather one that has beautiful, white teeth and fillings. 

The Don't Corrode 

Another awesome reason to go with a metal filling is the fact that they don't corrode. Traditional amalgam fillings have been shown to erode over time, causing leaks in the filling. These leaks allow food and drinks to get into the filling, thus making the cavity worse and potentially causing you a great deal of pain. This is something that can also be pricey to fix, especially if the tooth becomes infected and needs to get a root canal, or if it needs a crown because so much of the tooth decays. A white filling will not corrode at all, thus eliminating this worry for you. 

Less Invasive 

When a dentist is putting in a white filling, they will not have to drill as deep as if they were doing an amalgam filling. This is because the resin composite material can be adhered to your tooth without having to drill a huge spot for it. This makes the process much faster and less invasive for you, which is a win-win situation for most people. 

No Temperature Sensitivity 

Lastly, unlike the traditional amalgam fillings, the white fillings are not effected by the hot or cold. This reduces the risk of pain when you drink or eat something that is hot or cold, thus giving you range to eat more foods. This is because they are made out of a resin composite material that isn't at all effected by the hot and cold, rather than the metal used for amalgam fillings.