3 Questions You May Have About Teeth Whitening

Do you wish that your teeth had a better appearance? Do you want to get your teeth checked out and fixed but you want to know more about what will happen before you discuss anything with a dentist? Getting dental work, even simple cosmetic work, performed can be scary for many people. If you have an aversion to dentists, you're not alone. Of course, you probably also realize that dentists are vital to keeping your teeth looking clean and healthy. If you are currently thinking about whitening your teeth, the answers to some of the questions that you may have include the following.

Does teeth whitening hurt? 

Teeth whitening itself is not painful. Some people who use teeth whitening services may experience mild discomfort from tooth sensitivity for a short time afterward, but this lasts no longer than a day or two. If you are concerned about your teeth being too sensitive afterward, your dentist may be able to use a different teeth whitening solution. This may result in you needing to participate in more teeth whitening sessions in order to get the result that you're hoping for, but your teeth are going to be less likely to have sensitivity issues. 

How long does teeth whitening take? 

This will depend on the current state of your teeth and what sort of whitening process is used. If your teeth are only slightly discolored, you may only need one teeth whitening session of around an hour. If your teeth are more seriously discolored, partaking of teeth whitening services could be something that takes a few weeks. Your dentist will have you come in once or twice a week for sessions that last half an hour or more. Your dentist will let you know how many rounds of teeth whitening he or she believes it will take to get your smile to the white color that you desire.

Is teeth whitening forever? 

How long it will be before you need another round of teeth whitening services will depend upon a variety of factors. If your teeth became discolored as a result of smoking or drinking coffee and you continue to smoke or drink coffee, then the effects may only last for a year or so. On the other hand, if you are careful about your teeth and do your best to avoid food and drink that discolor your teeth, it could be many years before your teeth are noticeably discolored again. Your dentist will have a full list of food and drink that can cause teeth discoloration.