2 Natural Mouthwashes To Keep Your Mouth Free Of Plaque Buildup After Your Crown Lengthening

After a crown lengthening procedure is complete, the healing process can usually take several months. During this time, you will be fitted with a temporary crown in order to hold the place for your permanent crown. In addition, your dentist will instruct you to keep the area free of plaque buildup. Plaque can easily build up after a crown lengthening because it is difficult to clean the area thoroughly without messing with the surgical site. If plaque is allowed to accumulate in your mouth, then this can result in a bacterial infection and possibly gum disease in the future. Luckily, there are a few types of mouthwashes that you can add to your oral care route during this time in order to keep plaque at bay.

Bee Balm Mouthwash

The leaves and flowers of the bee balm plant have long been used to create teas in order to fight off strong colds and sicknesses. Bee balm is frequently used as a herbal remedy because it contains antibacterial properties. These properties are extremely effective in dental care when you are looking to get rid of leftover and food and debris that cause plaque buildup. Your bee balm mouthwash can be created by placing fresh bee balm leaves and flowers in a small bowl. Fill the bowl with hot water and allow it to sit overnight. Once you wake up in the morning, you can use the mouthwash to rinse your mouth. Start in the back of your mouth, then work the mouthwash in between your teeth. Keep the mouthwash near your gum line a little longer, then rinse with cool water.

Bergamot Orange Rinse

Bergamot orange is a citrus fruit that has a strong and powerful taste and aroma. The oil taken from the peel of a bergamot orange is used for a variety of different things because of its antibacterial properties. It is often used to fight off colds and incorporated in baths to cleanse the body. To create your own bergamot orange rinse. Start by slicing a bergamot orange into circular slices. Add two circular slices to the small pot and fill with water. Wait for the water to boil, then add three drops of bergamot orange oil to the mix. Wait for the mix to cool, then use the mouthwash to clean around your surgical site. Use your head to move the mouthwash from one area to the next. Rinse with cool water and use the bergamot orange mouthwash after eating.

The less plaque buildup that you have after your crown lengthening procedure the easier your recovery process will be. Therefore, use these natural mouthwashes to completely get rid of plaque.