2 Tips To Help Prevent Periodontal Disease During Puberty

Puberty can be an overwhelming experience since several different parts of your body are changing all at once. With all of the different changes happening, it can be easy to overlook how your oral health may be affected. Since puberty involves an increase in hormones, this can put you at risk for periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a one of the most advanced stages of gum disease that is caused by increased bacteria growth. The surge of hormones during puberty affect the way that your mouth traditionally fights off bacteria. Therefore, it is important to practice healthy dental care during this time. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use in order to do this.

Use an Antibacterial Rinse Immediately After You Eat

If you consume snacks, drinks and full meals outside of your home on a regular basis, then it can be difficult to find a suitable place to brush your teeth. When foods are left in your mouth for extended periods of time this can lead to plaque and bacteria buildup. During puberty, the possibility of bacteria growth is much higher. In order to prevent this, you can create a simple antibacterial rinse at home and take it with you. Couch grass is a medicinal herb that is commonly used to fight bacteria and infection. The herb can easily be turned into an antibacterial rinse that you can take on the go. In order to create the rinse, steep the herb in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. Wait for the mixture to cool and pour it into a reusable water bottle. After each meal, follow with this homemade rinse.

Avoid Drinking Sugary Drinks Throughout the Day

While it might be beneficial to avoid sugary drinks altogether, this may be difficult to do. Therefore, if you do decide to consume sugary drinks, then it is important to avoid drinking it throughout the day. Instead, drink it in one sitting and rinse your mouth. It is important to limit sugary drinks because it softens your enamel and will leave your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay and infection. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after consuming a sugary drink as this can strip away your enamel while it is soft. 

It can be difficult to keep up with the different changes that your body is experiencing during puberty. However, it is important to use these tips to ensure that you are not experiencing any dental issues during this time. Visit http://www.emergencydentistva.com for more information.