It's All About Balance: Three Alkaline Rich Foods For Healthier And Stronger Teeth

Your body needs balance of alkaline and acid in order to function properly. In order to have the best pH balance in your blood, your alkaline level needs to be slightly higher than your acidic level. If your diet consists of mostly acidic foods, your body is going to compensate by taking the alkaline minerals from other places in your body, including your teeth. Once alkaline is pulled from your teeth, you will notice a steady decline in dental health. To keep your pH balanced properly, below is a list of foods you need to incorporate into your daily diet.


Onions may not leave a pleasant smell in your mouth, but they are excellent when maintaining the alkaline balance in your diet. Onions are also full of antibacterial properties, so while they help keep your alkaline intake balanced, they also fight off many gum diseases and the bacteria on teeth that causes cavities and halitosis. If you don't like they way they leave your breath smelling, you can always chew on a piece of mint to help counteract the foul smell.

Sweet Potatoes

When trying to keep your pH balance at normal levels, you want to keep your alkaline intake at between sixty and eighty percent. Sweet potatoes are one of the highest recommended foods by doctors when trying to maintain that balance. This vegetable also promotes great dental health on its own. It is rich in vitamin C, which is essential when keeping your gums healthy. They make your gums stronger, keeping your teeth in place. Other fruits are high in vitamin C, however, unlike those fruits, you don't have to worry about the high levels of acid destroying the enamel on your teeth.


Another high recommended and alkaline rich food is raspberries. When listing foods that have alkaline, they are placed into different categories such as high, medium and low levels of alkaline. Raspberries actually rate as being one of the best and highest sources of alkaline foods. Like the sweet potatoes, raspberries are an excellent source of vitamin C which helps to protect your gums and teeth from harmful bacteria and dental diseases.

It is essential to the overall function of your body to keep a healthy balance between your alkaline and acid intake. If you eat more acidic based foods, your body will start pulling the necessary minerals it needs from other parts of your body and your teeth will start to take a lasting hit. In order to prevent this from happening, start eating the foods listed above. By doing so, you will not only balance the pH levels in your body, you will also further promote great dental health. Visit for more information.