Invisalign For Straightening Teeth: What You Should Know

Do you like the idea that metal braces can straighten your teeth, but not how they look? Your teeth can be straightened with braces that are called Invisalign if you are a good candidate for it. Find out below what you should know about Invisalign so you can decide if it is something that you want to invest in or not.  

What Makes Invisalign Ideal for Straightening Teeth?

You must keep in mind that Invisalign is only ideal if you are a good candidate, which will depend in the condition of your teeth. Crossbite is one of the conditions that can lead to you not being a good candidate for Invisalign, as it causes teeth to point inward or outward in a severe way. Teeth suffering from crossbite won't fit in the Invisalign aligners as they should.

If you are a good candidate for Invisalign, the orthodontist will begin the process by taking an x-ray of your mouth. The x-ray is necessary so the dentist can determine if your jawbones are healthy or not. Unhealthy jawbones can make teeth loose and interfere with the movement of your teeth while wearing Invisalign.

An impression of your teeth for the braces will be taken as well, which is done by you biting on a product that's called Polyvinyl Siloxane (PVS). Modern technology has also made it possible for the impression to be taken by way of a 3-D scan. The impressions will then be sent to a lab so that custom plastic aligners can be created for you. You must wear an aligner daily except for when eating. A fresh aligner is needed every few weeks, which is why you will receive more than one.

What is the Estimated Price to Get Invisalign?

You can expect to pay as little as under $2,000 or as much as $8,000 for Invisalign braces. The overall price will also depend on whether or not you are covered by dental insurance, as your policy may cover half of the costs (if not more). If you are on a low budget, some orthodontists may offer financing that allows you to make payments until you have paid in full.

There is no reason for you to avoid wearing braces out of embarrassment if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. Get in touch with an orthodontist  (such as one from Janzen Janzen & Chwa Orthodontics Ltd) so you can get the straight teeth that you desire as soon as possible!